Would You Hire a Male Babysitter?


hire a man to care for your kidI need a babysitter for my daughter so I've been perusing the listings on Sittercity. Most of the child care providers on there are female, but the other day, I came across a "manny," and I hesitated.

A lot of moms must have this reaction because he wrote in his profile: "Let me put your fears to rest," and "the woman in my profile picture is my wife."

I guess a lot of people feel funny about hiring a man to take care of their kids, which is kind of strange when you think about it, because most dads are men. I have absolutely no problem with my husband or my daughter's grandfathers taking care of her so I'm not sure why I felt a little "twitch" when I saw this guy offering his babysitting services.

Some people are okay with having men watch their sons, but not their daughters. Yet according to Janet Rose Wojtalik, author of The Seven Secrets of Parenting Girls, it can be a very positive thing for girls to have a male caregiver.

mommylovespink asked the Current Events and Hot Topics group if anyone would consider hiring a manny for their kids; most people said no, although some were open to the idea.

"I would never even consider it—no male other than DH will be caring for our children." — lvnmylif

"Probably not. Men, besides my husband and dad, make me very uncomfortable. I think it comes from watching too much Lifetime Television when I was younger." — hsteele

"Absolutely! I've met some guys that are amazing with kids and we be very happy to have them take care of my kids. It totally depends on the person to me, not their sex, age, race, or religion." — Junebug926

"If my boys were little enough to have a nanny,  it would be cool with me—as long as their background check and references were good. And if they were hot—a plus! —ain-gell72

"As long as he is qualified." — BEXI

"I had a male friend who would have made a great manny, but no one would hire him and I couldn't understand why. Now that I'm a parent I get it. Although most men are surely trustworthy, good men, there are more potential child molesters among men than among women. It's just too difficult to the many decent good men from the few nuts. I'm not going to take any chance at all with my kids. As difficult as it would be to hire a female nanny, I'm not even going to consider a male one." — jovaiel

Do you think a babysitter's gender is important? Would you hire a male to take care of your toddler? Or do you think that qualifications are all that matter?

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auror... aurorabunny

No.  I just wouldn't.  Maybe that's wrong of me but I don't care, it's not worth taking the chance.

mommypip mommypip

I would. Why does everyone think only men molest children? Women do too. And both sexes of molesters molest both sexes of children. I would not allow someone I don't know very well male or female to watch my child.

Cafe... Cafe Cynthia

I'm with aurorabunny.

I'm not hesitant so much because of the molesting thing, but because most of my kids' babysitters (all girls) are in their teens or early 20s. I know there are exceptions, but I just can't imagine any of the teen boys I know being that into playing cars and Candy Land, or making sure my kids brush their teeth extra well before bedtime.

MyRya... MyRyandKel

Im not sure if Id hire a Manny off the net or newspaper  but I have male friends that I would allow to care for my boys based on how they interact w/ them while they visit w/ my husband.

auror... aurorabunny

Women commit 14% of all child sexual abuse.  So are there woman child molesters too?  Yes.  Are they even close to the amount of MEN who are molesters?  No.

That aside, I would just feel more comfortable with a woman for multiple reasons.

DreaK... DreaKevAiyana

For me, I just wouldn't be comfortable having anyone I don't know watching my daughter, male or not.  Her dad watches her for me, so does her grandpa (my dad), and I've had my 16 y/o brother & 18 y/o cousin watch her for just a little bit when I needed it, and I would let my brother-in-law watch her if needed, but whether it be a  male or female I wouldn't let anyone watch my girl that I didn't know and trust.  Just the way I am I guess:)

SxdUp... SxdUpAngel

I heard a statistic on the news today saying that 1/3 girls will be sexually molested by their father, uncle, or friend of the family.  I am not comfortable with leaving my children with anyone, really, man or woman.  I do admit, though, that I'm closer to comfortable with a woman than a man for my son or a daughter. 

Lanasmom Lanasmom

I wouldn't hire anyone i didn't know period. Man or woman-- If it was a man i knew and trusted then yes, but i wouldn't even hire a woman that i didn' t know very well.

babyb... babyboomboom

I just posted about this in the Newcommers Club.  My hours are changing and I need a nanny and one of the applicants is a man.  I know that both men and women can abuse a chlid but something about a manny just doesn't sit 100% of the right way with me.

auror... aurorabunny

I missed the fact that we were talking about someone we didn't know in the article.  I wouldn't let anyone I didn't know, man or woman, watch my child.

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