ID Tags: Keep Toddlers From Getting Lost

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There's nothing scarier than losing a child at the beach, amusement park, zoo, or other crowded public place. Luckily, there are a variety of ID tags, wrist bands, and temporary tattoos (like the one pictured here) so you can mark your child with a contact phone number in case you get separated.

So are any identification products better than others? Here, CafeMoms share which ID tags worked the best for them...


bishop96: We put a piece of paper in their shoe that has our names and phone numbers on it.

LILGREER: We just got a dog tag made at Walmart for $5 with all my info: name, number, etc., on it, and put it on a key chain. We'll put the key ring on his belt loop so it won't get lost or fall off.

mommyheartsKS: We got engraved jewelry for our kids.

macmom3: We have address labels that have the Disney princesses on them, and each child has her own princess. I put  their "special" sticker on their back so they don't taken them off. I put our cell number on them...I also put a label on the inside of their pants.

nojomommy07: I got waterproof Velcro wrist bands (or ankle, depending on the kids)...You listed your names and cell numbers along with their names on the little insert, and it fit into a pocket. It Velcro-ed pretty securely around the wrist or ankle, was waterproof, not scratchy, and nobody could see their names since it was secured around their wrists. It almost looked like a bracelet of some type. 

tgb: I got the tattoos from Safety Tat. You can get the ones that come with your phone number or blank ones that are more like stickers. I got the blank ones and was not sure if it would irritate her, but she never knew it was there. I put it on her forearm. It lasted for about 7 days. I will use these next time, too. I really liked them.

Have you ever used ID tags or other identification products for your toddler?

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