Kick Off Potty Training With a Balloon-Filled Potty Party

True, potty party, yellow balloons

True, almost 3yo, with her Potty Party Balloons

Remember our friend Rubyellen and her fun home tour? Well, she's also a mom with a very cool potty training plan. It's a plan that begins with a potty party and balloons! Now that's a reason to get on the potty and go.


Here's how Rubyellen and her husband Ben kicked off potty training with her daughters.

"To get potty training started, we had "potty parties" all week long. We veer away from using food as a reward, so we decided to use balloons to encourage our girls Brave, 1.5 years, and particularly True, almost 3 years, to learn how to use the potty. We didn't pursue Brave's potty training as actively as True's, but thought might as well get her used to the idea.

For each pee, True got a yellow balloon, and for each poo, well, a brown balloon.

The girls were always so excited when Ben would be on his way home cause I would call him with the day's verdict. Then, he would come home with the appropriate balloons, and we did a lot of cheering and dancing to celebrate the day's accomplishment. The girls would be quite proud and would run around like crazy with their balloons.

It was just what we needed to get potty training started."

dad, potty training, balloons

Dad arrives with the congratulatory balloons

Girls, yellow balloons, potty training

Both girls with celebration balloons

girl, potty training, toilet,

True takes on potty training! Yay!

This is an awesome idea, Rubyellen. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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