Don't Do That in Public!

bad public habits

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There's a discussion going on that's sort of out of the old "breastfeeding in public" variety. We're moms, we know how we feel about a mother feeding her child. But some people are bothered by it.

So there are probably other things that people do in public (personal choice, not illegal) in front of you or your little ones that irk you. Things you can't really call them out on, but that you'd rather your toddler not see or hear.

MawagaMom started it off with a few of her own ...

-- Spanking. I'd like to tell them to go into the bathroom, but I don't.

-- A guy's underwear, especially the stained ones

-- Majorly pierced people


Some of the things that bother other moms ...

-- Making out in public, especially at the park in front of the kids.

-- Smoking, especially when they do it right in the doorway.

-- Swearing

-- People talking on speaker phones

-- Butt cracks showing

-- Whale tails (thongs hanging out the top of their pants)

-- Men adjusting their junk. Sometimes it looks like they are going at it.

-- Mothers letting kids just walk up and talk to me. I could kidnap them!

-- Newborn babies in umbrella strollers with their heads bent and crooked

-- People throwing their papers and junk in the shopping cart. If I go get a buggy, I don't want to have to throw away your cup, grocery list, or smokes carton. They put the garbage cans there for a reason.

-- Teenagers who think they are funny going into the McDonald's play land when my 4 year old is in there with her friends.

What is your biggest public pet peeve?

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