What's Better? A Pool Pass or Kiddie Pool

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kiddie pools versus pool pass

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Last month my husband and I faced down a decision that a mom in Toddler Moms has been wrangling with: Do you join the town pool or save money and buy a kiddie pool?

All kinds of questions figure in: Do you yourself want to swim or do you just want to occupy your toddler? Can they even swim yet? Will there be other kids to play with? Are you just going to be chasing them around to keep them out of trouble anyway? Is your toddler just happy getting wet and splashing around a little bit?

hannahsmommy321's town charges $90 for a family pass (ours is four times that), so she had a much tougher decision that we did. Plus, she's in Wisconsin, not as hot as other parts of the country.


Other moms were overwhelmingly in favor of the kiddie pool.

"I'd take the $90 bucks and buy a good size kid pool and some cool pool toys, maybe even a water slide," says RVTMommy. "The pool pass is a waste of money if the weather isn't always nice in the summer."

"If you think that you would get enough use out of it from now until August 15th, then I'd go for it," says butterflyblu. "$90 for a family is really cheap. We had a membership to a pool when I was growing up and it was like $400 for the summer. The pool had 2 diving boards and 1 water slide, ping pong tables, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and swim lessons for members. If I had older children, I might consider the pool membership."

That's why our town pool costs so much. It's like a mini water park, really. Great for older kids, but limiting for toddlers.  We'll probably try to swing it next summer, though, when my son will be 7. hannahsmommy321 also decided on the kiddie pool, and her toddler daughter is lovin' it!

How much does your town charge for a family pass to the pool? Is it worth it, or should Toddler Moms just stick with the kiddie pool as long as possible?

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