Toddler Meal Idea -- Soft Homemade Wraps

toddler mealIf I had to pick one type of food that I serve my toddler daughter most often, I'd have to say Mexican. I think it's the perfect thing to give to new eaters for a number of reasons.

First off, if you don't count taco shells, most Mexican food is soft and small for tiny mouths and developing teeth: beans, rice, shredded cheese, chopped meat, diced vegetables, avocados.

Very small choking risk.

And it's so easy to vary the flavor and intensity based on your little one's likes. I often omit spice and heat in my own dishes and they are still savory, filling, and fun to eat. Here are some of my Mexican toddler favorites:

Easy Quesadillas

Taco Cups

Vegetarian Chili

Of course, some Mexican dishes do call for wraps or tortillas, which can be a challenge for toddlers. So yetti26 came up with this truly excellent idea for a soft wrap for her 2 year old daughter.


"I take a slice of whole wheat bread and then flatten it out with a rolling pin. If the bread is tough and dry, like some whole wheat breads, just stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds before you roll it.

"Then I fill it with whatever she likes. Some days I use yogurt cheese (or cream cheese) and sliced chicken or turkey with veggies, other days I make a pizza roll up (pizza sauce, cheese, spinach). The bread is softer for tiny mouths to bite into. You can even use it for tacos, or peanut butter and jelly roll ups. The possibilities are endless!"

Thanks for that, yetti26! Do you have any easier-to-eat ideas to share that may not be full-blown recipes?

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