What's Your Toddler Thinking? Give Us Your Best Guess...

toddler, thinking, on their mind

Photo by aidensmomma508

Over on The Poop baby blog, Peter Hartlaub makes his best guesses about what his kids are thinking — and promptly left me laughing out loud. 

So, for fun's sake, I'm going to share what I think my 2.5 year old is thinking these days, broken down by percentage.

Would you like to play along too?


Here's what I think my wonderful little Leo, age 2.5, is thinking most the time these days:

  • 5%: There's a stick
  • 10%: I want a stick
  • 10%: Cheese stick!
  • 16%: Milk!
  • 59% - Nnnnnoooooo!

Go ahead and read your toddler's mind today. It's fun. And funny...

What do you think your toddler is thinking about most the time?

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