Toddler Books: Where To Find Them Cheap

It's never too early to get kids interested in reading books. Today, one anonymous mom shared that she was trying to find good books for her toddler but being on a budget couldn't pay a lot of money. Here are some ideas of where can you get cheap books for toddlers.

  • Your local library: Borrow tons of books—absolutely free! My library also has a ongoing book sale in the entrance-way where you can buy books (including children's books) for as little as 50 cents or 1 dollar.
  • Garage/Yard sales: Not only can you find books for cheap here, but re-using other people's books is a great way to teach your kids about being green.
  • Thrift stores: I love this idea from Trepsica: "Once a week my kids and I go to a thrift store, and take our old books and get 10 new ones. Then we never have a million books lying around, and we always have new stuff to read!"
  • Dollar stores: Great books for—you guessed it!—only $1!
  • Book Swap Web Sites: There are tons of Web sites that allow you to swap your books for others. Check out's list of the 10 Best Web sites to Swap Books for ideas.

Where do you find toddler books for cheap?

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