Do You Let Your Toddler Watch Cartoons?

Today an annoymous mom posted a question about kids and TV that drew quite a few responses. She was feeling guilty for letting her toddler watch cartoons from time to time because she vowed not to be one of those moms to let their child sit in front of the TV...


Most of the moms who responded said they let their kids watch cartoons (particularly educational cartoons)—anywhere from 30 minutes a day to all day long—and they don't feel bad about it! Here's what some moms had to say about it:

  • Jmoran said her son sometimes watches cartoons right before bed to wind down..."As long as you do not plop your child in front of the TV all day long than a little will absolutely not hurt him or her. It is actually a good learning tool...The things they learn on the educational shows is amazing!"
  • Christina7389 thinks her son's vocabulary and speech has improved because of the educational programs but also says "I don't let him watch those action-fighting cartoons because he tried that stuff on his brother one what they watch does influence their activity as well."
  • Gramsmom said: "[My daughter] has an impressive Spanish vocabulary thanks to Dora."

Do you let your toddlers watch cartoons?


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