#1 or #2: What Creative 'Potty Words' Do You Use?

#1, #2, pee pee, poo poo, tinkle, doodie, piddle, plop, or, more plainly in terms of diapers, wet or dirty—there are so many words you can use to communicate for your toddler the type of potty going on.

In the potty training video above, Elmo's dad calls it "pee or poo" and tells him to "go with the flow" and do "what you gotta doo doo."

Have you and your little one come up with any creative "potty word" terminology?


Some parent friends of mine like to say, "Do you have Tweedle-dee or Tweedle-doo?" My aunt always politely asks the kids, "Are you decorating?" I have to admit an embarrassing weakness for saying "poop butt" (I'm working on it, alright?).

Some potty training survivors say that when your toddler begins to say and communicate with "potty words," it's time to hit the toilet training. And, once these potty words are established, you'll be using them A LOT. So you better pick some good ones—and maybe even ones you can regularly say...with a straight face.

What creative potty terms does your family use? Or have you found a way to avoid this conversation altogether?

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