Mom Confessions: I Sleep Naked With My Toddler


moms sleeping naked with their childrenIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

-- I sleep naked, especially when it's hot outside, and sometimes my toddlers come into my room and crawl under the covers with me. Often we'll all fall back asleep together. I don't mind -- at this age, they are still innocent and don't make anything of it. -- anonymous


Is it appropriate for a mom to sleep naked with a toddler?

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Do you sleep naked with your toddler? What about your husband or SO? If your toddler asked to sleep without pajamas, too, would you let him or her?

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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nonmember avatar Toddler sleepin

Your toddler's night waking could be rooted in poor sleep habits or a health problem. Sometimes perfectly normal, healthy toddlers will wake during the night as they go through different stages of development or experience separation anxiety.

nonmember avatar Toddler sleepin

I would never recommend letting babies, infants or toddlers sleep with older children alone. Just because accidents can happen and the older child doesn't need to live with guilt ever.


nonmember avatar Sleep toddler

Your toddler's night waking could be rooted in poor sleep habits or a health problem. Sometimes perfectly normal, healthy toddlers will wake during the night as they go through different stages of development or experience separation anxiety.


cari226 cari226

I also do this.... Naked is a natural state of being. My son is six and has zero reaction if i am naked or not and why should he.. One of my grown best friends mother still to this day walks around all day. She said it would be weird if her mom had clothes on in their house. She is a very smart, educated, successful and well  adjusted woman. We as Americans need to stop sexualizing things that are natural such as naked bodies and breasts.. Come on people, there are a ton of people all over the world that would just laugh at thought that any of us have a issue with this ... Naked is normal and natural in the privacy of your own home with or without children !!!!

Jessica Nashia Simpson

Umm, it's your child and it came out of your body. Children should be taught NOT to be ashamed of their bodies. My daughter is nearly 3 and she sees her parents naked all the time. If you think there is something gross or sick about a child seeing their parent nude, you are the one that is perverse. My daughter doesn't even give it a second thought. Never once has she touched me in an inappropriate manner. It is a natural state of the human body, weather permitting. I teach her that clothes are things we wear to keep warm and when she is old enough to understand she will be taught that clothes are things we wear to protect our bodies from strangers.

rowdi... rowdieangel

i sleep naked with my almost six year old daughter. my husband wears only underwear. a lot of times, my daughter sleeps naked. omg burn me at the stake. my daughter has been taught that nudity is normal, natural and thinks nothing of it. she knows to wear clothes in front of other people (and is actually very modest). she still takes baths or showers with me. she still sees her dad naked sometimes. we just don't make a big deal out of it, and she's perfectly well adjusted. she knows that it's never appropriate for her to touch other people's privates and never to let anyone touch hers. if daddy is naked, he's careful that nothing touches that shouldn't (though they don't usually touch in that  case anyway, it's usually when he's getting changed or out of the shower or something). i'm also careful that nothing touches. what's the big deal? i can see how other people might be comfortable with doing it themselves, but that's them.

my mom sunbathed naked till i moved out of the house, btw. i'm sure she still does. it's totally normal and not a big deal for us

Tiffany Chappell - Williams

I co sleep with my 1 year old. There is nothing wrong with that in my eyes. I did not do this with my older two and I see a difference in his confidence and his affectionate level, it makes me wish I did co-sleep with the other two.
Nudity is fine until a particular age. I do not sleep naked with him but some skin to skin contact is important - up until a certain age of course.
Here is a website with great info on co-sleeping and skin to skin contact -

After all, giving a child to much love is not possible. Why not co sleep, why not have skin to skin contact - it does not hurt.

tirza... tirzah.hochreit

What's wrong with being naked around and close to your kids? Heaven forbid we show them that we are comfortable and happy enough with our bodies and ourselves that we can just be. Being naked is not sexual, it's just simply being naked. Big deal!

Davis... DavisMom161008

I couldn't sleep naked with my 2-year old son! Even at such a young age, he knows there is something different about Mommy and I sometimes thinks he actually remembers nursing since he did for the first whole year of his life. When he has come into my room as I'm dressing he has walked up to me with his hands up and open, it's just way too creepy for me

theba... thebatesfamily

I just found this and have to say. Heck yes, I sleep nude with my little dude and he knows what the heck my breasts are. I do of course sleep with underpants on. But what the heck? My body is natural, as is his. Why not? I love my kiddo. If someday he says "Mom, I hate that you do that, knock it off" I totally will. But he and I both enjoy our skin to skin time. I just worry about raising a toddler who loves to be nude himself but he doesn't seem to be going that way. My husband is the exact opposite of myself.

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