Does Curly Hair Come Back When You Cut It?

will curls come back after haircut?

Photo by pixie18

Many toddler moms of curly topped sons dread the first haircut. They worry that once the barber chops off those precious tendrils, they'll be gone forever.

It's not an unfounded worry -- numerous CafeMoms report this happening: Curls gone completely straight or turning into much subtler waves.

One mom in Advice for Moms says you can't blame the haircut.

"A lot of kids are born with curly hair, but it will go straight as they get older," says Wifey2Watson. "It's not because you cut it, it's because the baby hair was curly and it's changing. There's a 50/50 chance. My daughter's curly hair went straight, so good luck!"


Sometimes, the hair is curly only at the ends, not at the roots, so the ringlets don't stand a chance in a tight do. 

What happened when you cut your curly top's hair for the first time? Did the curls come back? Were you sad when they didn't?

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