Does Curly Hair Come Back When You Cut It?

will curls come back after haircut?

Photo by pixie18

Many toddler moms of curly topped sons dread the first haircut. They worry that once the barber chops off those precious tendrils, they'll be gone forever.

It's not an unfounded worry -- numerous CafeMoms report this happening: Curls gone completely straight or turning into much subtler waves.

One mom in Advice for Moms says you can't blame the haircut.

"A lot of kids are born with curly hair, but it will go straight as they get older," says Wifey2Watson. "It's not because you cut it, it's because the baby hair was curly and it's changing. There's a 50/50 chance. My daughter's curly hair went straight, so good luck!"

Sometimes, the hair is curly only at the ends, not at the roots, so the ringlets don't stand a chance in a tight do. 

What happened when you cut your curly top's hair for the first time? Did the curls come back? Were you sad when they didn't?



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athenax3 athenax3

I'm afraid to cut dd's hair for this reason- she has these marvelous, crazy curls, and well we just don't want them to go away, lol.....

luvme... luvmechelle

I cut hair for a living so i see alot of hair. It has been experience alot of small children do lose there curl as they get older. Thats why you see alot of little boys with long curly hair, Moms just get it trimmed . As this happens also the flip side my husbands hair as a child was blonde and straight  now dark and curly. somewhere around puberty. So i am hoping my two kids have the same changes. I love curly hair sometimes Ipick at my hubby saying thats why i married him [for the genes] Hope yours stays the way you like.

Rebek... RebekahsMommy06

My daughter has soft curls at the ends of her hair. she is 2.5 and has not had a haircut or trim yet (except for bangs) which i know isn't good, but I LOVE her hair and I'm just so afraid that if we cut those beautiful subtle curls, they'll never come back :-(

ethan... ethans_momma06

DS wont get his hair cut till he is three (religious tradition), but I am hoping we will only trim it becuase his curls are so darn cute! Of course, curly hair runs in both sides of the family, so I am not TO worried about it going straight.

CoolM... CoolMommy86

So what is the answer to this? My daughter has beautiful spiral big riglets like shirley temple. She was born with pitch-black pin-straight hair. It started growing in "wisps" then full blown curls as she passed her 1st birthday. She's only had one at-home trim when she was a baby with straight hair. Her aunt who is a few years younger than us, has straight brown hair..but she had curly blondish hair as a child. Her father when I met him (and as a baby-looked just like DD), had "springy" tight curls. He relaxed it for our wedding day (I was a blonde-we did crazy hair things lol) and since then it has been smoother and "fluffy" curls..but you can't see them anymore! I should also mention that both DD and daddy are mixed race. DD is part Indian (me), part black, part white. Daddy is half-black and half-white. So I have no idea what will happen with DD's hair if I cut it! Guess only one way to find out..:-/

rache... rachelolivares

my son so need the back of his hair cut cut cuz it is starting to look like a mullet but i am so scared that his super tight curls will straighten!  i guess the mullet will grow out sooner or later!  lol!

aiden... aidensema

my son never had curly hair, not even when i let it get long! i was super upset. my sister on the other hand had theses awsome beautiful curls and her natrual color was just...omg. now 20 years later she has beauitful wavey hair.

BaisMom BaisMom

Err not the case with us. My DD was born with hair flat on her head. It stayed that way for about a month and a half and then BAM curls everywhere. She had her first hair cut when she was 1 year old and the curls are still there, in fact, they're everywhere LOL

NotVe... NotVeryClever

Curly hair is a dominant trait so the genetics of you and your husband should help you determine if it's just childhood curls or there to stay.

NotVe... NotVeryClever

I should change that to husband or the person that genetically contributed to the other half of the DNA of your child.

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