Milestones: "I Love You, Mommy!"

first time toddler says I love you

Photo by bluejupiter13

Sometime between the second and third birthday comes the time when suffering through all the poop, tantrums, and whining become worth it -- when you tell your tot you love him, and he says "I love you" back!

Some children utter the words much earlier, of course, but according to the ladies in Advice for Moms, 24 to 36 months seems to be the norm.

My son, now 6, immediately reciprocates the endearment, but my 4 year old daughter just smiles and cows shyly, and has to be reminded to say it back.


-- My daughter is 17 months old and will blow you a kiss every time we say "I love you" to her. She has tried to say it, but can't yet. I can't wait!

-- Liam is 23 months and can say "wuv ooh" but mostly he says "ugar wuvin" because instead of a kiss I ask for "sugar lovings."

-- My oldest didn't say it until he was 3, maybe three to four months ago.

-- My 17 month old isn't even close to saying it. She's never even tried. When we tell her we love her, sometimes she'll pucker up for a kiss ... but that's about as much as we get from her on the "I love you" front.

At what age did your toddler say "I love you"?

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