Toddlers on a Leash--Sit, Katherine, Sit

Eddie Bauer 2-in-1 Harness

Child safety harnesses have come a long way. Remember parents walking their children in those glorified dog leashes? I'm sure there are still a few kicking around. I never used one, but there were times I wish I had. Too many close calls with my tots wandering away at the fair, or slipping through my grasp in the parking lot.


I saw a toddler wearing one of these less-obvious versions the other day, and thought it was kinda cute. Then I started investigating and found lots of different options. One company even designs a double harness for twins that comes in 12 colors to blend with your tyke's wardrobe, including Woodland Camo and Berry, as well as a hands-free version that mom can attach to her belt.

A number of gals in the Toddler Moms group swear by gear like this stuffed animal harness.

Of course, the critics are out there: The children are being treated like animals; parents are too lazy to teach their children how to listen; the practice stifles a child's independence, etc. Here's an article by one mom who vehemently opposes harnesses. Definitely food for thought.


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