Crocs Banned at Preschool

Summer Safety Guide

Do your tots wear Crocs, flip-flops, or open-toed sandals to day care or preschool? Mine can't even if they wanted to, since our teachers have banned them.

Students must show up in the morning wearing socks and sneakers or they won't be allowed to play outside.

According to my daughter's teachers, several kids at a neighboring school have fallen off equipment while wearing Crocs, leading to some pretty bad boo-boos and a few broken bones.


Who can say if the shoes were really the reason? Toddlers are naturally uncoordinated and clumsy. But the classic Crocs (there are newer styles out) and other slip-ons are meant for ease, not security or support, so I'm totally on board with this little precaution.

"I work at a daycare/preschool and we don't regulate it, but I find it very dangerous," says JessalynnJade. "There are wood chips that pierce right through the bottom of Crocs and into the feet -- that happened to me when I was taking the garbage out.  Also, there are tons of kids riding bikes out on preschool playgrounds. Not safe at all to be wearing sandals or Crocs. I always send my kids to play outside in socks and shoes only."

Despite the bad rep that Crocs have gotten over the years -- frequent tripping, soles getting stuck in moving escalators -- moms love Crocs and won't stop buying them.

Do you let your toddlers wear Crocs at the playground? Do you think they are appropriate footwear for active, uncoordinated little people?

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