Dining Out With Toddlers -- Ask Mrs Manners

dining out with toddlers

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The toddler years are the perfect age to start teaching your kids manners and good habits. And MrsManners aka: Angela Pitre, owner of the CM group Manners for the Modern Family and FamilyMannersMadeFun.com, is here to help.

Dear MrsManners:

My husband and I want to start getting back out into the world again, and we'd love to take our 2 year old to a restaurant, but my son has ants in his pants and he's the messiest eater in the world! Any advice for getting a child restaurant ready? -- anonymous


MrsManners says:

There are a few things you should consider:

1. First, always be aware of where you are taking your family. If you are going out to dinner, think about whether your child is age appropriate for the style of restaurant. If you have a young child, reconsider the linen table cloth restaurant for a more family oriented, draw on the table kind of restaurant. 

2.  Just like at home, you should have a series of pre-decided on rules that are well communicated to your child about how they should behave in public.  Again, you are their best example. If you are chewing with your mouth open or talking with your mouth full, your children will often have those same bad habits.

3.  The family table is a great place to practice some more formal dining techniques.  Pick one day a week or even a month to practice your rules for dining out. This can be a fun time for the whole family. Get dressed up, set a more formal table and all of you use your best manners.

Angie aka MrsManners

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