Warning: Toddlers on the Internet

child, computer, Internet

Photo by Peajewel

Whatever you do, DO NOT leave your toddler unattended with the Internet!


After all, even the average toddler can make an expensive online purchase when your back is turned.

A New Zealand mom had to find this out the hard way. She was bidding for toys on the auction site TradeMe and left her computer unattended. Then her 3-year old daughter Pipi got on and, in a few clicks, bought a $12,300 piece of construction machinery (story via ohdeedoh). Whoops.

This story made me laugh. I'm going to leave my laptop open on the Hawaiian island vacation website and see what happens. I can always tell my husband, "It's not my fault. Leo bought the ticket."

Has your toddler ever done any Internet shopping or typing damage on your computer?

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