Scary Skulls and Bats: Would You Dress Your Toddler in These?

Booby Trap Shop

Macabron T-shirt from Booby Trap; $20.

Take a look at the pictures of this new line of clothing for toddlers ... the one below of stylized bats is kinda cool and funky and I might consider it for my toddler, but the one of the screaming skull at left? It would give my kids nightmares, and me too.

I'm not criticizing the artwork. It's really good. But appropriate for toddlers?

Booby Trap Shop

Bat romper by Booby Trap; $25.

The maker, Booby Trap, is a small children's apparel company in Los Angeles. They design these glow-in-the-dark "screaming ink" onesies, jumpers, rompers and t-shirts so that "youll never lose your child in a crowded playroom."

What do you say? Would you let your toddler wear such graphically macabre works of art?

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