Favorite Toddler Book: Charlie Parker Played Be Bop


Charlie Parker Played Be Bop is my 2-year old son Leo's favorite book right now, and I couldn't be happier. Cause it's my favorite too.

The Charlie Parker Played Be Bop board book is extra special. It's fun to read, it's got rhythm, and there's a special saxophone solo in the middle that makes a nightly reading all the more, "Boppity bibbitty, bop. BANG!"

All four of us can recite it. My 6 year-old reads it to all of us. It's definitely the winning (and well worn) book in our house at the moment (thanks, Amy). And the illustrations are beautiful too.

What's the favorite toddler book in your house right now?



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Charl... Charlies_mommy

Love you forever. Both of my two love it when we get to the "back and forth, back and forth" part cause I rock them back and forth. LOL! My son also likes his new curious George book. Its not memorized yet, but he loves it. It is the one with penguins.

madam... madamekatekate

Just a tip for any mother who hates throwing out board books as much as I do!

You know that those spines will be busted soon. You don't want to tape them together. Here's how to fix it. Gather all the pages (if the spine is just starting to break go ahead and take it apart.) and put them in the proper order. Hole punch them down the side (depending on the size of the book you'll need to punch either 2 or 3 holes) and clamp them together with loose binder rings.

Now you can keep the book! This is also neat for keep books in the car. You can loop them on a string around the headrest of the front seat and take them off and put them back on at will.

toola toola

The Gruffalo - she can "read"  it (practically) verbatim.  :) 

That's a great idea for fixing board books, thanks madamekate!

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