Good Nite Lite -- New Product

If you're like me, you spend many mornings trying to convince your toddler he is not a dairy farmer or a bakery owner and he does not need to wake before the sun every morning. You've probably tried clocks and various night light type gadgets that promise to instill this, and even said things like:

"When the first number of the clock says 7, you are allowed to get out of bed and wake Mommy and Daddy. BUT NOT BEFORE! If the clock says 6, or 5, or 4, or any number smaller than that, you have to stay in bed, okay?"

They may agree, but that will be a lie. The minute Mr. Sun announces himself in the a.m. -- which these days at my house is around 5:47 a.m. (yawn) -- my little guy pops up and like a bullet he's in our room.


The Good Nite Lite is a new product to try -- there he is above, isn't he cute! You set the time you want the night light to appear as Mr. Moon (bedtime hours) and when you want the Mr. Sun face to appear in the morning (7 a.m. would be heaven for me).

Then you tell your toddler to follow the rules -- if you wake and see a moon face, it's too early, stay in your bed, go back to sleep. Even if you see the real sun outside, ignore him. It's the new Mr. Sun you have to listen to. If he is smiling at you, it's Good Morning time!

It's a novelty, unlike a boring old clock, so it just might work.

Have you tried the Good Nite Lite -- or do you plan to? Does it really work? Do you have other tricks for getting your toddler to sleep in?

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