The First Big Boo-Boo

toddler boo-boos

Photo by Punkylu78

As babies, my kids had colds or some kind of illness all the time. During our most recent pediatrician visit, the doctor told me that the most important health concern for toddlers is not swine flu or other sicknesses but the chair, coffee table, and, well, pretty much everything.

"They are going to fall, bonk their heads, and everything else, a million times," he said. "Make sure they wear bike helmets, and try to keep them as safe as you can."

My daughter, now 4, got her first big boo-boo at 2. Another tyke at day care pushed her because she wouldn't relinquish a toy, and her lower lip and chin ended smack dab on the edge of a windowsill.

One and a half inch long slice along the bottom lip. Trip to the ER to meet the plastic surgeon. One long running stitch and lots of blood and screaming. Today, thank heavens, you can't even see a scar. Other moms know the drill:


"My daugher burned the heck out of her hand at her Grandma's," says ASAILORSWIFEY. "She was putting on Grandpa's slippers and she stumbled and swung her hands and it caught in the heater/fake fireplace."

"My daughter was playing on step stools in the living room and fell over,'" says Jazzysmomma. "She had a scratch down her cheek and tummy. She got two stitches and was a trooper. We have since gotten rid of those stools."

What was your toddler's first big boo-boo? Did you go to the ER?

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