Pet Doors + Toddlers = Bad News


pet doors and children and safety

Photo by Beanz

If you've got a dog or a cat, pet doors can be quite convenient and millions of animal owners have installed them. The problem is, these doors aren't as toddler friendly. In the past ten years, more than a hundred children have died or been seriously hurt after getting through a pet door and into a swimming pool or other not-so-safe place.


One mom, Carole Rafone, is suing the manufacturer of PetSafe doors because her 2-year-old son Matthew got out of the house through a pet door, made his way straight to the backyard swimming pool and drowned. Rafone thinks the company had an obligation to warn parents of this danger on their product's packaging and instructions.

If you want a pet door, consider getting an electronic one that opens when activated by a device attached to your dog or cat's collar.

Do you have a pet door? Do you worry about your toddler getting through it?

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