Mom Confessions: A Roundup

Mom Confessions

Photo by curveymama

I don't know what's in the water this week, but everyone on CafeMom has been absolutely perfect in the motherhood department. I couldn't find anyone confessing to feeding their toddlers Twizzlers for breakfast, sending them to preschool naked, or duct-taping their diapers to their bodies (wink wink).

Maybe everyone is in a super good mood with the long holiday weekend coming up!

Instead I wanted to point you to a nifty little slideshow that our friends at Parent Dish put together featuring the most memorable Toddler Buzz Mom Confessions of the past half-year. Really adorable pictures, too.


Here's the link to the Mom Confessions slideshow at Parent Dish -- leave a comment and vote for your favorite one.

You can find all the full Confession posts here:

I Sleep While My Kid Is Awake

My Kid Watches TV Up Close

I Let My Toddler Play Outside Alone

I Turn My Kids Over to A Mom I Just Met

My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts

I Let My Toddlers Climb Play Equipment Unassisted

My Kids Go to Sleep After Midnight

I Let My Toddlers Go Naked in Public

I Throw Away My Kid's Artwork

I Paid $22 for My Son's Haircut

My Toddlers Eat Pizza for Breakfast

I'm Dying My Toddler's Hair

I Leave My Toddler Alone in the Bath

Our Children Aren't Invited to Our Wedding

I Scold Other People's Kids

I'm on Vacation, But My Kid Is Still Going to Day Care

I Favor My Older Child

I Let My Toddler Eat Food Before Paying for It

I Find Excuses to Send My Kids to Bed Early

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