Is It Ever OK to Laugh at Your Toddler's Bad Behavior?

Recently, I had some friends over for brunch, and they brought their adorable 2-year-old daughter, who is just starting to speak in complete sentences.

When she proudly introduced herself to me as "Jesus" (definitely not her name), I couldn't help it—I burst out laughing...much to the dismay of her very embarrassed parents.


Her parents were MORTIFIED and explained to me that they were teaching her prayers (in addition to introductions), which was the reason for the, um, mix-up. And, unfortunately, my laughter did little to help what they considered to be a serious situation.

While I took her mistake to be comical and very endearing, they were worried that she would repeat it again—possibly in front of company who wouldn't find it nearly as funny.

I'm sure everyone has experienced this one time or another with your toddler: They do something that is considered "bad behavior" but you can't help but crack up. 

Do you know what I mean? What's the funniest "bad behavior" your toddler has ever exhibited?

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