Mom Confessions: I Sleep While My Kid Is Up


sleeping while toddler is awakeIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

I sometimes nap while my son is awake. -- anonymous

Occassionally, my son wakes up before I do. He knows how to work the TV and recorder, and he'll go down and watch a movie. -- anonymous

I'm about to conk out, but my daughter is still awake. I hate sleeping when she's up no matter how safe I make my house, but I'm so tired I can't help it! -- anonymous


Do you doze off while your toddler is awake?

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How do you cope with sleepiness when your toddler is bursting with energy? Do you make them lay down for rest time -- plop them in front of a movie -- put up the child gate and let them play in their room while you catch some ZZZs? Or do you go running for the coffee? 

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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lucho... luchousdiva

Sometimes I just need 20 or 30 mins.  We are the only ones in the house and I gate us in the living room.  But never longer than that.

JPsMo... JPsMommy605

When I need a nap and my son doesn't, I take a body rest in the living room while he watches something.  I don't sleep, but I do get some rest and still can keep an eye on him.  Then I hit the coffee to keep me going until bedtime.

trebe... trebelcleff

Our son's room is baby proofed, gate and all. My room is right across a 4 foot wide hallway, and our doors face each other. When he wakes up too early, I open both doors and he plays by himself for about an hour. I "cat-nap" while he plays... at the slightest sound or the call of "mama" I wake up, so the sleep I get isn't good, it's just good enough to get me through my day!

justa... justanotherjen

When my kids were toddlers I really had no choice.  I was so freaking tired all the time and there were 3 of them.  Most mornings I slept until my (then) youngest got up.  Meanwhile my 2yo and 3yo kids would get themselves up and turn the TV on.  They would usually be up for an hour before I got up.  They never did anything except watch TV.

Now they are all in school (8, 7 and 6).  They get up hours before I do on weekends and get their own breakfast and get breakfast for their 3yo sister.  During school days it's just me and the 3yo and I have no problem telling her I'm going to take a nap and to play quietly or watch TV.  Then I go in my room and shut the door.  If she needs me she knows where I am and she knows not to get into stuff.  I usually sleep for an hour and when I get up she's still happily watching TV.  Half the time she wakes me once or twice to ask if she can have snacks or announce she has to use the bathroom (one of her quirks).  She is very mature for her age, thoughl.

aydan... aydansmomma04

I never nap when my two year old is awake because he would wreak havoc and doesn't sit in front of a movie, but I will leave my four year old to watch tv while me and the two year old go and nap. This is only when I am in need of sleep. Any other time.. it is coffee for me.

Enhan... EnhancementFun

Some mornings I choose not to get up at the crack of dawn when he does he plays in his room while I get another hour of sleep.

Momma... MommaTasha1003

If its early in the morning & she is ready to get up & i cant pull myself out of bed.. We will lay in my bed & she will watch TV...

If i ever get really sick im sure we will do this as well... But I wouldnt allow my kid to roam the house alone (well, right now she is only 2.5 anyway so... lol)

mikey... mikeyjavimami21

I will sleep in with the boys closed in my room with me. I give them breakfast, turn the cartoons on and rest for awhile. Sometimes I will take a nap when my 1.5 year old does and my 3 year old watches a movie.

Lucky... LuckyClown

mine are 4 and 6, it used to be that they would just wake up so friggin early, but they would stay in their room and turn on a movie (that was how I knew they were awake) then the 6 year old would send the 4 year old in to tell me they were hungry when the movie was over. That is when I'd wake up... my 6 year old is very mature, my 4 year old is not at all mature, but she does what her big sis says.

With this pregnancy there are times when i do need a nap in the afternoon, i am soo tired, usually they are in school at this time so it's no issue but if they are home I am comfortable with dozing on the sofa while they watch cartoons... though they are more prone to fight in the afternoon... this summer should be interesting

mandy... mandyandthree

My little ones will not let me even nod off for 5 min.s but when my older ones were little they would tell me to take a nap LOL they wanted me to be happier. I made sure they were safe but I did worrie about it.The day 9/11 happened my oldest was watching Nick I thought it was ok to let her watch that channel i fell asleep and woke up to her thinking that the world was ending..Sence then I never tried to nap I felt bad that she saw people jumping from buildings when I thought she was happly watching her shows.

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