Mom Confessions: I Sleep While My Kid Is Up


sleeping while toddler is awakeIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

I sometimes nap while my son is awake. -- anonymous

Occassionally, my son wakes up before I do. He knows how to work the TV and recorder, and he'll go down and watch a movie. -- anonymous

I'm about to conk out, but my daughter is still awake. I hate sleeping when she's up no matter how safe I make my house, but I'm so tired I can't help it! -- anonymous


Do you doze off while your toddler is awake?

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How do you cope with sleepiness when your toddler is bursting with energy? Do you make them lay down for rest time -- plop them in front of a movie -- put up the child gate and let them play in their room while you catch some ZZZs? Or do you go running for the coffee? 

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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aSold... aSoldierSWifE44

No. Part of being a mom is putting yourself second. Sleep at night. Or on weekends when DH is home, whatever. If you were working a "real job" would you take a nap and assume everything could run smoothly when you were sleeping? I am a pretty lax mom. But this is one thing I don't believe in.

nonmember avatar Gummy Bear

My cousin recently napped while her daughter was awake. My little princess went into the backyard and fell in the swimming pool. I attended her funeral today. Please please as tired as you may be, an hour of sleep is not worth your child. Anything can happen in the blink of an eye and the risk is even higher when a child is left unsupervised. She was 2 and I miss her very much.

nonmember avatar rene

i let my 2 yr old sleep with me .he wakes up about an hr.or 2before me . i turn on the cartoons and let him play in the bed.i wake if he gets out of the bed but pass back out if hes sitting watching tv. sometimes i feel guilty if he gets my phone or finds a hair tie or something.

nonmember avatar rene

wow! Some people are so judgmental! i just read the con statements. most people don't have a pool or at least have the where-with-all to lock the door or put a fence around the pool or how about a renters lock to high for the child to reach. they also make very loud and cheep alarms that sound when a door is opend of course be safe! put sharp things locked up keep the kid in the same room with you child proof then child proof some more! To the lady who is so quick to judge, we are single moms,some are disabled,some in prego maybe in bed rest too ,and not everyone has someone to help. or boundless energy like that one lady seem to think we should all have and the whole go to sleep earlyer good you do that if it works for you. but the rest of us may have night jobs. or maybe our kids wont sleep through the night. so i say KEEP YOUR CHIN UP MOM'S ! i read all the posts and not one of these Mom's sound all that lazy. and seem to all put safty first.

nonmember avatar JennP

I work part time nights..10pm to 6 am..don't get home til 7. Fiance works mon- out the door at 8..I'm on my own and so exhausted... my son is up when the sun rises no matter what time he goes to bed.I try so hard to be awake..but find myself nodding off..I usually nap when he does.The worst part is when fiance gets home..I'm still on my own..he does not take over so I can sleep.. and I do everything..Dinner,clean up,bath..he helps sometimes but not without attitude..

nonmember avatar kelly

I've been guilty of this since my son was born. He's 3 now. I get him breakfast then go sleep on the couch where i can hear him better and he just plays in his baby-proofed room until he shouts out the baby gate 'mommy, wake up!' To which I obviously oblige :) I honestly think its helping his creativity and independence as well as give his severely anemic mom some more rest to face the day with both him and his 7 month old brother :)

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