Mom Confessions: I Sleep While My Kid Is Up


sleeping while toddler is awakeIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

I sometimes nap while my son is awake. -- anonymous

Occassionally, my son wakes up before I do. He knows how to work the TV and recorder, and he'll go down and watch a movie. -- anonymous

I'm about to conk out, but my daughter is still awake. I hate sleeping when she's up no matter how safe I make my house, but I'm so tired I can't help it! -- anonymous


Do you doze off while your toddler is awake?

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How do you cope with sleepiness when your toddler is bursting with energy? Do you make them lay down for rest time -- plop them in front of a movie -- put up the child gate and let them play in their room while you catch some ZZZs? Or do you go running for the coffee? 

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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Kodee... Kodeekins

If I'm not ready to wake up in the morning my son will slip out of bed, get a few toys and climb in bed in with me and whisper play - it's so sweet he doesn't want to wake me. Sometimes I wake up and hes curled up behind me rubbing my back whispering "I love you mama, shhhh". Most days, he doesn't nap, but we take 'breaks' - I nap, he plays DS with the sound off or plays with his stuffed animals in bed. He usually ends up dozing off, but I've never made him take naps.

rayne... raynesmommy1

I have tried it the whole taking a cat nap in my bedroom while my 2 year old is locked in with me watching her favorite shows but as soon as she sees my eyes are about to close she'll slap me on the head a few times and yell at me to get up until I am on my feet. So nope it's not happening lol you guys are lucky!

joesm... joesmomma1

i nap while me 2 year old is awake.we have gates up in places that he cant get in to.Our living room is actually his bed room.i will nap on the couch while he watchs his tv and he plays with his toys.normally i will only nap for hour

wilde... wildermommiex3b

No way, my family lost 2 little ones(my cousins, 3 & 4) while their mother slept. She was sound asleep and they went outside and drowned in the back yard pool. :( So since then ive INSISTED parents should always be awake when children are

isabe... isabeesmomma

The only time its ever happened is when my son was a new born and my daughter was 18 months old. She went through a I don't want to sleep phase and I was up every 20 minutes through the night with a new born. I would get so tired that when my son was sleeping I would gate her in her room with her toys and take a cat nap so I could function. My husband was away at war and I had no help so there was no choice for me. Other than that I don't really agree with sleeping while your kids are up unless they are older.

jenni... jennilyn890

I am guilty of this. If he gets up too early we'll go get pop tarts or grahm crackers and some milk and return to his room. I will close the bedroom door and turn on pbs and catnap while my son watches t.v. and eats breakfast. He'll wake me up if he needs something. It only happens once in a while and sometimes you just can't get awake. I wouldn't do it if we weren't in the same room.

CMAmomma CMAmomma

We share a room, so i will put him in his crib for quiet time and turn on his baby einstien movies while I nap.

Candy... CandyMomof1

I am not a morning person, so when he is eating breakfast I pop on some blues clues and nap on the couch. He doesn't normaly mind and if he is just not hungry he lets me know.

gulfc... gulfcoastmom4

No that is so irresponsible. I hope nothing ever happens to your kid while your being a lazy ass.

gulfc... gulfcoastmom4

just wanted to add if you're that tired go to bed earlier.

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