Banned TV Shows

banned children's TV programsUnless your toddler has figured out how to operate the remote control already (dread the day), you probably still have some control over what they watch on TV.

Perhaps you've even banned some TV programs from being shown -- either because you're uncomfortable with the content or they're just so annoying you can't bear them yourself.

"Caliou. That's the one we banned," says one mom of two girls in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club. "That show bugs the crap out of me, and my husband doesn't want my daughter to learn how to whine like him."


"Most things on Nick, Disney, and anything that is meant for tweens," says another mom. "Barney, Teletubies, Wiggles aren't allowed either. My son will turn the channel if they come on."

Are there any banned television shows in your house? What are they and why do you ban them? 

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