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travel stroller reviews

travel stroller reviews

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Moms in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club were helping out meandmybean, mom of 17 month old Athena, who's in search of a sturdy but light umbrella stroller for a road trip she's taking in a few months. The one she currently uses is terrible -- it gets stuck when folded, plus she has a really small car.

"We are going to Florida for two weeks, and we will be using it in combination with the "awful leash." I'm not sure how much we will actually use it, because she is a hardcore walk-by-herself girl," meandmybean says.

Here are a few mom-tested recommedations and reviews:


Other moms gave their top picks:

-- Jeep Deluxe Stroller with Weather Shield "It folds down pretty small and it's easy to do one-handed."

-- Chicco Capri "I bought it specifically for a trip to Disney World. My daughter had been out of strollers for a long time, but she loved having this on e on the trip because all the walking was exhausting. The price wasn't bad considering we only needed it for a week."

-- Maclaren Triumph Stroller My sister has it and she loves it. I got to borrow it one weekend and I LOVE it to!"

-- Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller "It folds up as small as those cheap umbrella strollers, yet it still has a cup holder. It has a small net bag on the back for stuff, but I can hang her small diaper bag on one of the handles and my purse on the other and it stays upright without her in it.  It also is easier to fold then the old umbrella stroller we had." 

-- Chicco Trevi "I LOVE it. It has all of the features of a large stroller, but folds up like an umbrella stroller. I got it for about 100.00. I am 5'7" and all the other umbrella strollers are just too short, and I don't have to push this one with one hand walking to the side."

UPDATE: I asked meandmybean what she ultimately decided ...

"After a long deliberation testing every umbrella stroller, we ultimately chose the Chicco Capri over the Maclaren Triumph. The Triumph has a little more storage than the Capri, but the Capri also has a carrying sack to keep it clean during travel, or your car clean if the wheels are dirty. Ultimately, the extra storage on Maclaren was not worth the extra money without a storage bag."

Do you have any of these strollers? What's your review? Suggest another good one!

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