Most Annoying Toys Ever

most annoying kids toys ever

Toddlers love it, moms detest it.

My mom and dad keep a Chicken Dance Elmo toy at their house (there's the hideous creature at right) for when my kids go over. This is one of those cases when you actually WANT the batteries to go dead, but they never do. In fact, they last forever.

Elmo sings and dances to the song when you push the button on his feet, which my kids do repeatedly every time we visit, most recently for Mother's Day.

And every other visit or so, my 4-year-old asks if we can bring the toy home, to which I reply, "NOOOOOOOOO WAAAYYYYYYY!"

That's got to be one of the most annoying toys on the face of the earth. CafeMoms in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club had plenty of others they'd love to "make dissappear," as well. But Talking Elmos come up quite frequently on this list ... hmmm.


The World's Most Annoying Toys:

-- A fully enclosed large egg that keeps saying "Hello, is anyone out there? Hellllloooooo" over and over again. It goes off everytime it's shaken.

-- Legos. Hate them with a passion. If I'm made to clean them up, they go in the trash."

-- Bubbles! Messy, YUCK!

-- A wooden puzzle board that makes the sound of the object when pieces are placed in the right spot. It's possessed. It goes off in the middle of the night and during the day when nobody is even around it.

-- A 2,000 piece bead set for girls. You find them in random places for years!!!

-- My son's fire engine with realistic sirens. It gives me a headache, make it stop!

-- A talking bunny my son got for Easter. Some of the things it says are just ... weird: "I'm hiding now, ready or now, here they come!" They who? Creepy.

-- The Hannah Montana guitar.

-- Anything Hannah Montana.

-- My daughter's bug catcher. She's outside catching bugs all day -- ants, flies, worms! The top doesn't stay on well, so the ants fall out when she drops it on the floor.

-- All the balls in my house. They are outside toys not to be used as human target practice, and not to be thrown and bounced off the ceiling! 

-- A rapping Christmas frog that raps "Deck the halls with bawls of hally" in the most annoying voice ever. I keep him in the garage.

-- My two nightmares were the popcorn popper. Disappeared rather quickly. And ...

-- The talking Barney doll. I waited till my son was napping, slipped it from under his arm, and did some surgery on him. Barney uses sign language now.

What is your toddler's most annoying toy?

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