Potty Training Tips: Go Naked!

potty training tips

Photo by heather.darin

How do I toilet train my toddler? It's one of the most asked questions on CafeMom. There isn't one answer for every toddler, so each week I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a real mom.

Tip #4: Stay Home and Let Her Go Naked

First, plan on staying home and not going anywhere for a couple of days to a week.

Second, leave your child naked from the waist down for that entire time -- not even underwear or pull-ups.

Third, use positive re-enforcement. If candy is what it takes, GO for it! You can also try stickers, little trinket toys, or anything that the child doesn't normally get. I use candies in a bowl (lots of different options) and let her pick from it after every succesful potty.

And lastly, DON'T push! The harder you push, the worse it is. Just leave her naked and let HER learn why she wants to make it to the potty.


"Most kids her age (2) will go in anything that they are wearing," says heather.darin, mother of 2 year old Destiny (in photo above), who contributed this tip. "NOT wearing something helps them to remember that they aren't wearing a diaper. This trick has helped several moms. After they get going to the potty down, you work on the panties. I suggest to NEVER to wear pull-ups. It just confuses them."

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