Swine Flu: CDC Eases School Closing Policy

CDC reverses school closing policyConcluding that the swine flu isn't any more serious than the seasonal flu, the CDC yesterday decided that day care centers and schools do not have to close if a child comes down with H1N1.

This is good news for me. My husband and I had talked about the possibility of our tots getting an unexpected vacation from preschool and kindergarten and were at a total loss for how we would juggle our work schedules to care for them.

Previously, health officials recommended that schools and centers close for two weeks following a flu outbreak in just one child. About 725 public and non public schools were closed yesterday for flu-related reasons in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

That's hundreds of thousands of kiddos watching TV, cramming the public libraries, hanging out on street corners -- for only over 400 cases of swine flu cases in the US ( though hundreds more are still probable). Thank you, CDC!


The CDC knows of 35 swine flu-related hospitalizations and one death, a Mexican toddler who died in Texas. When caught early, the swine flu is highly treatable and responsive to antibiotics.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told the Associated Press that the swine flu virus had turned out to be milder than feared and the government decided to change its advice.

Of course, if your child does contract the swine flu, the CDC recommends you still keep your child home for at least seven days till they feel better, just like you would for the regular flu.

++Are you grateful for this news, or will you opt to keep your preschooler home should one of her classmates come down with the swine flu?

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