Mom Confessions: My Kid Watches TV Close Up


safe TV viewing distanceIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

My son sits or stands in front of the TV to watch his Baby Einstein videos and favorite television shows. It doesn't really bother me. -- anonymous



What are your TV viewing distance rules?

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Do you worry about furniture tip-overs, or is your TV bolted securely to the cabinet or wall? Are you concered about possible vision problems from up close viewing? Are there other reasons a toddler shouldn't watch TV close up?


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prove... proverbsmommy4

I saw this beautiful little girl.  Gorgeous blonde hair and blue pretty.  Then she was crushed by a TV that tipped forward when she was touching it and was too close. 

I absolutely will not allow my kids (not even my teen) to be up close to a TV. Not just because there is a clear tipping danger, but because of vision issues as well. Our TVs are all up on entertainment centers, pushed back as far as they can be, and our kids (including my 3yro) know they aren't allowed to get close.  They can sit on the couches, or on the floor, but they have to be several feet away or they can't watch the TV at all. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

if two kids are watching and one stands directly in front of the TV, the other can't see. So this way she's already seasoned with the knowledge that we don't stand in front of the TV. toriandgrace 

That's the reason for our rule.  So others can see too.

vanna... vannasmommy250

I'm not worried about my DD tipping the tv over or about her vision, but I do make her sit back a few feet. Mostly b.c when she's watching tv I'm usually watching too and I want to see my show. Plus I think it's rude when ppl block the tv when others are trying to watch! LOL

ronis... ronisaurus

I let my son sit or stand wherever he wants.  We have a giant TV that can't be tipped over.  Most of the time he sits on the floor in front o fthe couch.

DStep... DStephens7

My son will go right up to the TV and we are trying to break him of it.  He pushes the buttons on it and messes with the screen.  And also our entertainment center isn't as sturdy as I would like so I kinda worry about that.

tadzi... tadziosmom

my kid stand up close, as of his first eye appointment this week, he needs glasses and has a muscle disorder... likely why he sit's up close, will get permanent glasses next week, he had to go to a children's optomolgist, rare to find.... he sat up close because he needs glasses!! get to a children's optomologist, it's worth it,

Mommy... Mommy2Mal

DS has started walking and figured out how to open the door on the case that holds our DVDs, so for now, I've got the coffee table pushed up right against the whole entertainment center to keep him from pushing buttons on the TV and getting out ALL the DVDs. DD has decided that the coffee table makes an AWESOME chair and sits maybe a foot away from the TV when she watches. At this point, I could care less.

DH and I both have terrible vision, so any damage the TV might do to her eyes pails in comparison to what her genetic make up has already chosen for her.

nonmember avatar Kim

It can't hurt their eyes anymore than staring at this computer screen is hurting mine...

Marjc... Marjchaos

Our tv is strapped to the wall. We live in earthquake country. I don't worry.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I like how the only option that says 'close to TV' is worded so you look uncaring lol

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