Madeleine McCann Age Progression Photo

Madeleine McCann

What Madeleine McCann might

look like today at age 6.

The Madeleine McCann story touched me very personally and deeply for reasons that I don't have to explain to other Toddler Moms, or any moms, or any decent normal people.

But for me there's an additional reason -- Madeleine and my son are the exact same age, with birthdays just a week apart. My son turned 6 on Monday, and Madeleine turns 6 a week from today on May 12.

The English girl was abducted from a resort in Portugal the day before my son turned 4 on May 3, 2007. I remember, just days after she was taken, Gerry and Kate McCann talking about  how they hoped to have their eldest daughter back in their arms in time to celebrate her 4th birthday.

I would turn to my own son, who just blew out birthday candles and opened gifts surrounded by family and friends, and think, my worst nightmare come true. How could this happen? Who would do such a horrid thing?


As those precious hours and days evaporated without a trace of little Maddy, the realization struck me that she would probably not be back for her 4th birthday, or any birthday, for that matter.

Her parents, however, are not giving up hope, and yesterday appeared on Oprah to release a time progression photo of what experts feel Madeleine may look like today -- here it is above.

I still think of Maddy now and then and continue to hope and pray for a miracle, and maybe this picture will help. Forward this link to as many people you know ...


++ I missed the show -- did you see the McCanns on Oprah? How are Kate and Gerry holding up two years later? Are there any new leads?

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