Toddler Calls You by Your First Name?

toddlers calling parents by first name

Photo by TwinMommy320

Every once in a while, when my daughter is particularly whiny over nothing and I'm making an extra special effort to ignore her, she gets so frustrated and mad that she'll scream at me using my first name: "Cynnnthiaaaaa!!!

Oh, it gets my attention all right. Mostly because I think it's hysterical. I try to keep my poker face and not let on, because even so much as a snicker will doom my plot.

I'm sure that calling mommy by her first name is fairly routine in step-mothering situations, but for someone who has always been "mom" or "momma," hearing my daughter address me as if she's my girlfriend, husband, or my own mother cracks me up each and every time.


I always hear stories of little kids who start calling their parents by their first names and refuse to stop -- the parents can't figure out how to get them to go back to using "mommy" and "daddy"!


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Do your toddlers know your first name yet? Do they call you by it?

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