Potty Training Tip: Leftover Easter Egg Surprises

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Photo by Angmreagan

How do I toilet train my toddler? It's one of the most asked questions on CafeMom. There isn't one answer for every toddler, so each week I'll shout out a new success story or quick tip from a real mom.

Tip #3: Temp them with leftover Easter egg surprises

Many of those eggs are more than 75 percent off in the stores now -- though I'm sure you still have some lying around the house (I do!).

Fill the eggs with leftover candy, stickers, coins, goldfish crackers or another small reward. You could even fit a pair of new underwear in an egg for them. Put all the eggs in a basket and each time your child goes potty, let them pick an egg to open.

Children love to choose and they love to see that basket full of rewards waiting for them. Wondering which prize they might choose next helps encourage them to use the potty. 

This tip courtesy of cuddlemonkeez, mother of three, including a 16 month old and 2  year old.


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