Should Toddlers See Their Parents Naked?

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A mom in the Old Fashioned & Anti-Mainstream Moms group threw this one out there the other day. Her husband is beginning to question if he should stop showering with his nearly 18-month-old daughter. By some opinions, he should have stopped long ago. But Mom believes you shouldn't teach your child to be ashamed of her body by showing her you're ashamed of yours. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Daddy washing up alongside his little girl, she says.


Many child development experts would surely agree. Greg Ramey, a child psychologist at Children's Medical Center of Dayton, says parental nudity around children is a matter of personal preference, and parents should be guided by what feels comfortable for them and their children. Be naked, cover up--no research shows it's harmful to little kids either way.

Most CafeMom moms say they're fine with it too, as long as both parties are cool with it. One anonymous mom says you'll know when it's time to stop: "My son is 5 and just a few days ago said to me, 'Mom I think I just saw where you pee and poop out of.' That was it for me. I think everyone will know when their defining moment is."

So what do you say? Run for cover or bear it all?


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