Jon Gosselin's Night Out -- Big Deal or Deal Breaker?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad cheating

Is this the last straw?

Unless you live under a rock (or a pile of plastic toddler toys), you've heard the news or seen the pictures of our favorite toddler dad, Jon Gosselin, coming home from a club with a mystery lady "friend."

If you haven't heard, crawl out from under that Tonka truck and read all about the Jon & Kate dad's cheating in Entertainment Buzz.

To really get into the discussion and share your views about whether Jon deserves some fun away from the madness or whether this seals the fate of Season 5, check out these groups (you'll need to join and become members, but it's so worth it).

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Objections to the Show

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Fans

TRUE Jon and Kate plus 8 fans

Oh, and don't think this is a once-sided discussion, either. Jon has plenty of defenders. One mom has a really good take on the situation:


"The media bashing and difficulties of the past few years have really taken their toll on Jon. Kate is fine with it because she's completely confidant in what she's doing and who she is. She doesn't care what you think because she's who she is and she's right.

"But Jon seems to need something more outside of the family to keep him mentally healthy and happy.

"The way they have gone from having a large extended family and friends around them in the first season, to now where anyone extra around them is hired help just goes to show the price that's paid for all they have. They've left everyone behind, closed in their ranks, and really don't allow too many people outside of their immediate family in, especially non-employees. I think this has been harder on Jon than Kate, too."

++How would you feel about your spouse going out with a female "friend" while you were away on work or vacation? How would you explain all the newspaper articles and magazine covers to your kids?

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