Stupid Things People Say About Toddlers

stupid things people say about kids

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From The CafeMom Newcomer's Club, the stupidest comments strangers in public make about your toddlers:

"Oh, is she speaking Spanish?" (asked about an Indian child speaking Hindi)

"What a cute little sister you have." (said to a mom who's 22, married, and has a c-section scar!)

"Nice tan ... don't you know you should put sunscreen on him?" (referring to a mom's biracial son)

"Look at that red hair, is that her natural color?" (No, the mom started coloring it when she was 2 months old ... I mean, c'mon!)

"It's so refreshing to see a cute little one, since there are so many ugly kids around these days." (to the mom of a 3 year old girl)

"No way they are twins, they look so different." (referencing fraternal twins)


"Are they really yours, because they're way prettier than you."

"Hmm, your son looks more like your husband, and your youngest looks like you, but your oldest doesn't look like either of you ..."

"Your brother and sister look just like you." (said to a young mom about her two kids)

"Is there a reason this little girl is on the boy's side?" (a minister's comment to a boy with long hair in a wedding rehearsal)

"Do you use a curling iron on her hair?" (asked of a mom of a curly-headed 3 year old while she's trying to pull the bow out of her hair)

"He screams like a little girl!"

"How old are your twins? (said about siblings age 7 months and 2 years old)

"Do they have the same dad? They look so different."

"Where did he get that boo-boo? (said about the dime-sized strawberry colored birthmark on a toddler's face)

"Your children are adorable, they look just like their daddy!" (said to a mom who was out with her kids and her gay male friend)

"Well, I guess you can't deny that one." (said to a mom who looks exactly like her 3 year old daughter -- and why exactly would she want to deny her?)

"I guess your son got his hair from the Asian side of the family." (said to a Native American mom)

"You better calm down or else your mommy is gonna get rid of you like she did your sissy." (a relative's girlfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, said to the 5 year old daughter of a mom who gave another child up for adoption)

"She's adorable!" (a woman commenting on one daughter but totally ignoring the other one)

++ What ridiculous, insensitive or just blatantly dumb things have strangers said about your toddlers in public?

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