Paring Down the Birthday List

birthday parties

Photo by MamaCharity

My son has never had a real birthday party with all his friends from school, so this year we're going all out and planning a fun morning of animals and scavenger hunts at a local nature center.

Here's the problem (isn't there always one?) -- we can invite a maximum of 13 kids, or the price will go through the roof. But last night, my son ran down his class list, putting us at a total of 19!

I wish I could afford the extra kids, but that's a no-go. We're pushing it as it is between all the food, favors, cake and rent for the room.


So what's the next step? Does Mom decide who's coming and who's not, or do you let your toddler decide who gets the boot? On the bright side, it's good preparation for future wedding planning -- sending invites to the full list but counting on the fact that at least some of them can't come.

There's always some etiquette or exclusion issue related to kids' birthday parties. Here's just a sampling of some of the birthday party problems other CafeMoms are experiencing:

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