10 Signs Your Toddler Is a Brat: Ask Mrs Manners

signs your toddler is a bratThe toddler years are the perfect age to start teaching your kids manners and good habits. And MrsManners aka: Angela Pitrie, owner of the CM group Manners for the Modern Family and FamilyMannersMadeFun.com, is here to help.

No one expects toddlers to be perfectly behaved angels, but have your little ones crossed the line so many times that they could technically be called ... dare I say it ... total spoiled brats?

MrsManners is way too mannerly to use that term, but I'm not, so I'll take the blame. For some kids, there's just no other polite way to describe them.

Here are MrsManners' 10 Signs Your Toddler Is a Brat.


1.       If your little one thinks clearing his plate means throwing it across the room.

2.       If you haven't heard the words "thank you" yet, but you do hear the phrase "get that for me" repeated at least a hundred times a day.

3.       If your tiny titan knocks every other toddler down at the playground.

4.       If your toddler is mistaking the furniture for her school jungle gym.

5.       If the neighbor kids run for the hills when they see your brood coming.

6.       If your toddler thinks you are his personal maid.

7.       If bath time looks like a scene from the movie Waterworld.

8.       If she thinks sharing is the name of a one-way street.

9.       If the only dining out you can do is in the backyard.

10.     If you find the need to fetch some brie to go with that whine.

Sure, every toddler exhibits some of these behaviors -- even more than once in a while -- okay even a lot. It's normal and healthy to push limits and test boundaries. But if mom fails to push back and your toddler displays more than a few of these symptoms on a regular basis every single day, you could be headed for trouble.

"It can be far too easy to say, they are so young, it's okay for them to throw, push, hit, climb, not pick up after themselves, splash and even sass," MrsManners says. "But that would be laying a rocky foundation for your child to build on. And with the way things are in the world, your child deserves every advantage possible."

Giving your child the gift of good manners isn't even that hard, she explains. It just requires a little planning, consistency and some patience.  Start by sitting down as parents and deciding what you want to tackle first, make your plan and stick to it! For starters, read some of her past columns (below).

So, what do you think? Is your toddler a brat?

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