What I Want for Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts

Photo by LoriNJ

Moms in The CafeMom Newcomer's Club are trading wish-lists for Mother's Day. Judging from their responses, I'd say many of them are Toddler Moms. Hmm, wonder why I think that?

-- A great BIG hug and kiss and a I love you.

-- One month of unlimited tanning.

-- Sleep.

-- My son is only 14 months, but maybe if he started walking that would be awesome!

-- Versace Bright Crystal perfume.


-- Red Paula Deen non-stick cookware.

-- Sleep.

-- An Edible Arrangments fruit bouquet.

-- A day for me -- he can take the kids and leave me home alone or tell me to get in the car to go.

-- A million dollars.

-- My girls for the entire day.

-- Sleep.

-- A hot breakfast, that I am able to eat while it's still hot.

-- A massage.

-- A Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton bag.

-- A mug with my kids' handprints.

-- Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue perfume.

-- An engagement ring.

-- Sleep.

-- For someone to cook and clean while I get lost somewhere.

-- For my 7 month old to say "mama."

-- For someone to say, "Thanks, Mom, for all the things that you do!"

-- To get dressed up and go somewhere.

-- Three rose bushes for my front yard.

-- To have my husband home!

-- A hug and a kiss and an "I love you" from my son.

-- To be pregnant.

-- Sleep.

-- A day at the spa.

-- For my husband to say he loves me like he did the day we were married.


I second that (plus the sleep)!

What do you want for Mother's Day -- and what do you think you'll actually get?

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