A Real Ghost Story

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This is an actual account from a CafeMom ...

What would you do if your preschool-aged daughter claimed to be visited regularly by a ghost in her bedroom at night? The girl has been seeing a little boy, the size of her 7 year old sibling, who wears dusty clothes and stares at the wall. 

When asked, the preschooler describes him as sort of a ghost who doesn't float. He just stands in the middle of her room, between her bed and younger sister's bed, and stares at her.

She says the ghost boy never says anything and sometimes walks towards her, but never seems to get there. When the daughter gets up to go to her parents' room in the middle of the night, the boy follows her in but then disappears.




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Have your children ever claimed to see ghosts? Did you believe there was something more at play than a creative mind? Please, share the details below.

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