Childhood Blankies -- Do You Still Have Yours?

lovies and blankets

Photo by rockerchic

Sometimes I look at my 5 year old son and see visions of him walking to the podium to collect his high school diploma with a dirty, beige jumble of fabric and batting tucked underneath his right arm. That would be his favorite stuffed animal from birth, Yellow Bear (click to see a picture).

I really thought he'd have given up his lovie long before now, but he still takes "his best friend" everywhere (except school -- prohibited) and won't sleep without him. We're talking a Bella and Edward obsession here.

But, ha, I guess it is entirely possible that Yellow will still be a prominent figure in my son's life into adulthood. Some moms in the Answers section say they still have pieces of their childhood blankies. They were responding to a question from another mom who wondered when she should wean her 22-month old son of his blanket.


"I still have my blankie," says Lexi.Mommy. "I even brought it on my honeymoon. My 3 year old has one as well. I will never take it away from her. Mine reminds me of my childhood, my mother cuddling with me. It gives me a warm feeling, as I am sure it does our children."

"My 11 year old used to drag a blanket around like Linus!" says 4kidsandadog. "But he's fine now. My 18 year old still has a small square of his blank left. I don't mind because my mom made it for him, so it's nice that he appreciates it and loves it. As long as they aren't dragging it around in public or getting it filthy or losing it, who cares?"

Um, well, my son's still working on the dragging, public, and filthy part.

++Do you still sleep with a childhood lovie, doll or blanket?

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