"Safest" Britax Car Seat -- New Product

Between two kids, three cars, and six years, I've used at least seven different child passenger safety seats. Graco, Evenflo, Costco ... I've liked them all and wouldn't hesitate to buy any of them again.

Because the safest child passenger seat is always the seat that's properly installed and used correctly ever single time,  I always made sure I read the manuals and followed all the checklists with each and every seat.

But I will admit that I am partial to my daughter's Britax seat, if not because the style just fits so well in our car and my daughter best, because it's so darn easy to use. And it should be, for the hefty price tag.

I just learned that Britax has come out with a new addition to it's line: The Britax Advocate, a convertible child seat with Side Impact Cushion Technology. I haven't tried the seat, it doesn't hit the shevles till May anyway, but the details sound really great.


The company claims the new side cushions, which do bulk up the seat as you can see above, make it the "safest car seat in the Britax product line." The cushioning "compresses to absorb the incoming crash forces and safely expel the air through strategically placed vents. In doing so, it reduces side impact crash energy by 50 percent by diverting crash forces away from the child."

According to car crash stats, one in four of all motor vehicle crashes that involve children occur from the side, leading to far more injuries than front or rear crashes.

The Advocate, which has lots of other safety and user-friendly features as well, holds children rear-facing from five to 35 pounds and forward-facing from at least one year old and 20 pounds up to 65 pounds.

But you didn't think all this extra padding would come cheap, did ya? The new seat costs $370, making this the most expensive Britax seat. I do love the five different styles -- that's the Kathryn above.


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