Stop Whining, Please, I Beg You!

Fingernails on a chalkboard nothing. Whining is by far the most heinously annoying sound in human creation, in my opinion. I think the government should investigate it as a weapon against our enemies.

I guess I'm still a little raw from the extraordinarily whiny morning we had. It wasn't just the volume of whining, but the pitch. Lately, it's changed. It's higher and more shrill, and it makes me feel like my eardrums are going to implode.


The things that set it off today: Too much cereal in her bowl; too little cereal in her bowl (after I had dumped out a portion of the first bowl); smiling at her; trying to put her sweatshirt on because it was chilly; feeling cold because I didn't put her sweatshirt on.

So, the first thing I did after logging on was to seek advice from our CafeMom experts. I plan to try every single one of these strategies below until I find the one that gets my kid to stop whining. But first I need to grab a Tylenol.

  • EVERY SINGLE TIME he whines, respond, "I'm sorry, I don't understand you when you whine" and do not do whatever it is he wants until he asks me in a normal voice. Avarah
  • First, don't ask him to stop more than twice. Pick one method and stick with it, either a time-out, a quick swat on the butt, etc. When you switch back and forth, you teach him that the rules and consequences are always changing. kaycee14
  • I try to talk to her very calm and tell her that it is okay that she gets frustrated or mad but she has a voice and she needs to use it: "There is no reason to whine, you are not a baby, use your voice. Tell me why you don't want to, or I can't hear you." It seems to work lately. smcelroy
  • I take them to the rocking chair and tell them that they have to sit there till they are done whining, and when they are ready to use words, they can come out.  (The rocking chair is in their room, they do not have any toys in there, so they can't play, but they are allowed to get down and lay on their beds, or look at books.) daughteroftruth
  •  I will offer her what she wants but then tell her she can't have it until she stops whining and asks me in a normal voice. Her main thing is "Mama, I want juuuiiice." I will just say, okay, you can have some juice, but ask me like this: "Mama, may I have more juice please?" She got the hang of it. When she really got going I would just mock her. I would even roll on the ground with her. She realized how silly she was being when she saw Mama being silly too. We usually ended up laughing. gwynsmama
  • Squirt him with a squirt bottle. I tried it once and my little guy was shocked and it stopped him!  Long term though, I don't know what to tell you. 00momma00
  • When they say "I WANT such and such" I reply with "that's nice." They usually come back with, "May I have such and such please." If they throw a tantrum after I've said no, I ignore them for a few minutes and if they haven't stopped I threaten a spanking. If they still keep going with their tantrum I give them a spanking and after a few more minutes of their crying because the spanking hurt, I ask them if they want another spanking. They always say no, and I reply, "Then you need to stop your tantrum and control yourself." ronibaloni

Really, can you think of any other sound that's worse than whining?

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