Mom Confessions: I Turn My Kids Over to a Mom I Just Met


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

A mom left her 4 year old in the care of another mom she met just minutes ago.

We live in a town house community, and I was outside with my 3 and 4 year old girls. Another mom was outside with her 4 year old daughter, and we started to visit. After a while, her daughter asked if she could come to our house and play. I didn't mind and neither did her mom -- which was a little troubling. She'd only just met me!

After playing a little bit, the mom came over and asked if I could keep her an extra 10 -15 minutes so she could shower. I agreed. She also offered to take my girls to the park while I stayed at home with the baby, but I said no. I don't know her or trust her, even though she lives right down the road. -- anonymous


Would you let your toddler play at the house of another mom who you only met minutes ago?

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Do you let your toddlers play at the houses of parents you only "sort of" know? What age is appropriate for letting kids visit their friends without you around? What is your criteria for when you feel comfortable leaving your child in someone else's care?

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fluud7 fluud7

Noo!!!! But I have, on occasion, left my kids in a playplace w/ a "new friend" while I took another child to the restroom.

Missy... Missy_Dye

Hell NO! If something happened to that child its on my butt. What if she just drugged her and she/he dies on your watch thats on you not her mom. I couldn't do that.

KatCh KatCh

Yrs ago, I met another mom at a Gymboree-type class in the neighborhood. We hit it off right away and after class, she invited me over to her home. Our kids played well together and we stayed friends until she moved to Florida. When my children were small and were invited to classmates' houses for playdates, I stayed the entire time for the first visit. If it went well, my kid was allowed to come alone the next time. I have never had a problem and they are now teenagers. I still make it a point to meet the parent(s) when a new friend comes over. I know they worry,too.

LilSt... LilStar9905

Definitely NOT, no i wouldn't.  You just never know these days who that lady or person is. Takes alot for me to get to know someone.

Sheln... ShelnLilliesmom

My daughter turns four next week so we're having a princess sleepover party for her, it started out w/ a child of a friend staying and then others asked to, I said yes but there is no way my four year old will stay at other people's house.  I feel like a child needs to be able to fully express/explain themselves before they stay w/ someone else.  They have to be able to tell me anything that might happen and also the other parent needs to be able to understand their request.  My daughter also still eats non food items so she needs to be watched closer than most people are used to.

Satur... SaturnsMom

That really is a tough one.  On the one hand I agree about how you really never know what kind of persone someone is and that there are shifty people all around.  On the other hand you dont want to teach your child to be paranoid of everyone and everything so you just kind of have to find your balance thats within your own comfort range.  I also think "Momtuition" comes in to play as well.  You have to really trust your gut with certain things.  I let my kid play at other kids houses but we have a rule that it has to be outside.  We dont let other kids come inside our house and our kid has to stay outside at others houses as well.  thats where our balance is and thats where it will stay for now.

mom2-... mom2-2crazyboys

NO! We are neighbors with one of my best friends from high school, that I have grown apart from the past years, so I don't know her husband that well, and I won't let my son go to thier house to play even!!! (He is a stay at home dad..if she was there it would be different.) If something bad happens, you can NEVER take it is so not worth it for a small break or for my son to have a playdate.

Hunte... Hunters_Mommie

No, I wouldn't. If I went along, yes.. but I wouldn't drop my child off alone.

Plus-... Plus-size-mommy

No! I just got mad at my husband the other day because he let our 4 year old go into the neighbors house to get some toys with their kids while he stayed outside!! I said, it only takes a few minutes for them to do something to him!!

Belli... BelliesMami

I answered NO. I am an admitted "helicopter" Mommy-I hover-LOL. To to let my daughter be watched by a near stranger is a no-go for me! However I babysit and the first time I met mom was on Sunday-on Monday I was left with her child while she went grocery shopping. I felt it was a bit odd-I mean I don't know if I could have done that if the roles were reversed. She met my friend through Craigslist but my friend decided she couldn't manage another child time wise and recommended me. Honestly in the time she was gone I could have disappeared with her child. Thankfully for her I'm not crazy and I have been caring for above mentioned little girl for 8 months now.

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