Mom Confessions: I Turn My Kids Over to a Mom I Just Met


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

A mom left her 4 year old in the care of another mom she met just minutes ago.

We live in a town house community, and I was outside with my 3 and 4 year old girls. Another mom was outside with her 4 year old daughter, and we started to visit. After a while, her daughter asked if she could come to our house and play. I didn't mind and neither did her mom -- which was a little troubling. She'd only just met me!

After playing a little bit, the mom came over and asked if I could keep her an extra 10 -15 minutes so she could shower. I agreed. She also offered to take my girls to the park while I stayed at home with the baby, but I said no. I don't know her or trust her, even though she lives right down the road. -- anonymous


Would you let your toddler play at the house of another mom who you only met minutes ago?

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Do you let your toddlers play at the houses of parents you only "sort of" know? What age is appropriate for letting kids visit their friends without you around? What is your criteria for when you feel comfortable leaving your child in someone else's care?

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Robsw... Robswife747

I think that as mothers we all have a natural instinct. I think that if we listen to it hard enough we will make the right desicions. Its called "going with your gut". That usually means you first impression of the situation.

evyth... evythecute

NO way would i have done that! there is very few even family members i will leave my kid with. so much of the time when u hear about a child molester no one had any idea that they could have done it. my mom was molested my her own step father. i am very picky about how i leave my DD with. If it wasn't for the few close family members and friends that i let watch her i would never go on anywhere without her cause i would never even hire a babysitter.

aubre... aubrees_mommie

I was at her place to now she and i are really good friends

littl... littlemami471

I would not watch anyones kid i just met but if there is no supervision of this child i would keep my eyes on them  so they can stay out of harms way, I wouldnt want another child to get hurt. I wouldn't let my children play over someones house unless im there with them, You never know with children they can't tell you everything so i take great percaution when it comes to my children.

gypsy... gypsysmiles

I watched a two year old, while her mom was in getting a restraining order against her (the mom's) stepdad (the girl was 17), because she didn't have anyone who she could drop the baby off with when she went to file the complaint (her stepdad had tried to sexually assault her *the teen mom's* sister). We'd been talking for a few before they called her into the court room (i was there with a friend who was going to be in the next session for a similar thing). The bailiff told her she couldn't enter the courtroom with the child. So, Nikki started crying and panicking, like a reasonable person - she didn't want stepdad anywhere near herself or her daughter. I asked the bailiff how long the appearance would take, and he said about 10 minutes. So I offered to watch the little girl. BUT, this was in a courthouse, with police officers at the door, and cameras everywhere. I stayed right outside the courtroom with her. She was a delight. If the circumstances were different, I don't know if I'd have done it... I saw the mom a few weeks later (at the courthouse again, when she and my friend were making their ROs permanent). She thanked me again, and we talked about this topic. She swore up and down it wasn't anything she'd normally do - but given the extraordinary circumstances, she didn't know what else to do.

babyb... babyboomboom

NO.  My child doesn't go anywhere unless I know who he is with.  And you can't "know" someone in just a few minutes.

Midni... MidnightKarma

No. I don't trust half of my family members so I am not gonna trust a stranger. Let alone leave my toddler with them. That is craziness to me

mlmar... mlmartinez

only if i was there too...unless i know the person im not leaving my child there but thats just me

Erica... Erica_Smerica

Absolutly not! Not at all! But we've had neighbor kids over. I had never met their parents, didn't even know their names. During the summer we would be playing outside and then when we came in a little toddler would follow. I didn't care- I just left the door open and pulled out a box of toys to let them play with. The parents would peak their heads in to check on their child. They didn't seem to care. Personally though, I could never let my son go into someone's house without me.

bandk... bandk4ever

I answered no. I'm a liitle over protective when it comes to my kids.People are crazy this days. Something happened the other day that kinda shocked me. My hubby,my son and me were at a football game and I was waiting on them to go to the restroom and this man asked me to watch his daughter while he went to the restroom and I didn't even know him.I was like OK.It shocked me cause for all you know I could have been this crazy person.

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