Vitamins: Do Toddlers Need to Take Them?

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A mom in the Old Fashioned & Anti Mainstream Moms group was taking suggestions for affordable children's vitamins for her 3 boys the other day, and it reminded me of something I'd been meaning to pass along ...

Save your money, mamas!

Most toddlers and older children don't need to take supplemental vitamins at all.

A report on children and vitamin supplements published in February in the very reputable Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine found that one-third of American children and teens take supplemental vitamins, and most don't need them.

And the children who need the vitamins the least -- those with varied diets, active lifestyles, and better access to health care -- are the most likely to take them.


The doctors involved in the vitamin research feel that pediatricians need to recommend vitamin use based on the individual child and his specific needs. For instance, doctors will often suggest them for kids with chronic diseases, eating disorders, difficulty absorbing nutrients, liver disease, or those who are obese and on a weight loss program.

If your child takes vitamins for those or other reasons, CafeMoms say they love the Nature's Sunshine and Rainbow Light brands. But as always, talk to your doc before buying.



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