How to Make a Green Kid

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recycling with kids

Photo by Mommygoncrazee

Here's a reminder that all the good examples we model for our toddlers really do pay off ...

DoMestiKatE writes in the Green Organic Natural Simple Living Group that she and her husband, parents of a 2 year old and 8 month old, are trying to live as green as possible. They are also trying to convert their friends and family to their eco-conscious way of life.

The other day, her mother, who was visiting, went to throw away a baby food jar in the trash. Immediately her 2 year old pipes up and says, "No, Nana! We recycle!"

"It was cool to see that we're making an impression on him!," DoMestiKatE says. "Now if only we could talk my mom into recycling ..."


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